A. f. pressure washer 2.8kw 130/150 bar 540 lt/h
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Water cleaner a. f. 2.0kw 140 bar autostop launches turbo-variolet
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<p>FUSION 20, one of the new TOP models of the FA-SA range, is a vertically developed cold water cleaner. Particular attention has been paid to the practicality of use and for the smooth and effective performance of any type of external work: easily transportable on any type of terrain, FUSION 20 can also be placed in reduced spaces thanks to the practical vertical position, the convenient winding and the door compartment. Equipped with an attractive and aggressive aesthetic line.</p>
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Pressure washer a. f. 2.8kw 160 bar - rotox
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Vacuum cleaner a. f. 2.9kw 150 bar - total stop professional
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<p>12V 35.8A Fasa A1 36B 250W-battery operated scrubber-dryer 11L-tank-battery charger included </p>
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