<p>Rasaerba a trazione 4 tempi 6,5Hp Hyundai 65820 510mm 60Lt con funzione Mulching</p> <br />
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<p>hyundai 4-stroke OHV 132cc petrol engine lawnmower – 3.5hp power – 410mm cutting width – 7 cutting heights – 45 lt grass container.</p> <br/><p> </p>
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POLAR 67400 lawnmower-a-motor-a-double Polar 4 times OHV 132cc – 3.5hp power – 410mm cutting width – 7 cutting heights – 45 litre grass-a-motor-a-double Polar for small and medium surfaces with robust steel shell, handy and versatile. Well 7 adjustable heights (from 25 to 75 mm) and cutting width of 410mm. Passive safety handlebar. Equipped with a pot of 45 liters of volume. The packaging contains: 1 lawnmower-a-motor-a-double – 1 pot 45l
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Traction Lawn Mowers

Explore our selection of traction mowers at OREB.com, your destination for high-quality lawn equipment. The pull mower category offers solutions designed to simplify lawn care with power and ease of operation.
Pull mowers are powerful tools designed to simplify lawn mowing. Unlike traditional hand-pushed mowers, traction mowers feature a system that automatically moves the wheels, making it easier to manage larger lawns. These mowers offer an even and precise cut, ensuring a well-maintained and professional-looking lawn.

Advantages of Traction Mowers

Traction mowers offer several advantages. Automatic traction reduces the physical effort required to move the mower, making it easier to handle hilly terrain or large lawns. Increased engine power allows taller, denser grass to be tackled, ensuring efficient results. Speed control allows precise control while cutting, adapting to ground conditions.

Why Choose Traction Lawn Mowers from OREB

Choosing a traction mower from OREB.com means opting for quality and reliability. Our selection includes models from the industry's most renowned brands, ensuring durability and superior performance. OREB.com offers an intuitive online shopping experience, fast shipping and dedicated customer service, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Simplify your lawn care with a quality pull mower from OREB.com and enjoy a well-maintained lawn with minimal effort.

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