Gas cooker for exterior with 3 fires copper valve – 3.6kg – removable enamel support grid – flame power 0.85/1.2/1.4Kw
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Gas stove

Explore our wide range of Gas Cookers at, your destination for efficient and reliable cooking solutions. Our gas stoves offer top-notch performance, versatility and convenience in the kitchen. Choose the power of gas with quality stoves from Oreb.
The Gas Cooker is a gas-powered cooking device that offers precise temperature control for even and fast cooking. With its ease of use and versatility, Oreb's Gas Cooker is perfect for preparing a wide range of dishes with flawless culinary results.

Benefits of Gas Cooker:

1. PreciseTemperature Control:* Oreb gas stoves allow you to adjust the flame precisely, offering accurate temperature control while cooking.
2. Promptnessand Speed:* With prompt ignition and rapid heating, gas stoves allow you to start cooking immediately without waiting.
3. Culinary Versatility:* The flexibility of gas stoves allows them to adapt to different cooking techniques, enabling grilling, baking, sautéing and more

Why Choose Gas Stove from Oreb?

Choosing a Gas Stove from Oreb means embracing culinary excellence. Our selection offers stoves that combine reliable performance with modern design, ensuring efficient and satisfying cooking. Trust Oreb for gas stoves that make every moment in the kitchen an experience of taste and convenience.
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