Manual spray pump polar 6lt 4bar
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Shoulder Pump

Explore our selection of Professional Shoulder Pumps at, your trusted source for high-quality equipment. Discover the power and versatility of a knapsack pump, an essential tool for anyone seeking efficiency and convenience in irrigation, pest control or agricultural treatments.The Knapsack Pump is a rugged, portable device designed to dispense liquids with precision and ease. Worn comfortably on the shoulder, this pump is ideal for agricultural, gardening and professional treatment applications, offering a practical and efficient solution for distributing fertilizer, pesticides and more.

Benefits of a Shoulder Pump

1. Mobility Without Boundaries: With its ergonomic design and comfortable shoulder strap, knapsack pumps offer unprecedented freedom of movement, allowing you to easily reach every corner of your land.
2.Precision Application: Easily adjust liquid flow for precise distribution, ensuring that each treatment is applied with the right amount and uniformity.
3.Operational Efficiency: Save time and effort with a backpack pump that simplifies irrigation, pest control and crop treatment tasks, improving overall work efficiency.

Why Choose a Backpack Pump from Oreb?

Rely on quality and innovation with our Shoulder Pumps at Choosing a shoulder pump from Oreb means investing in reliable performance, durable materials, and intuitive design. Bring your farming and gardening operations to life with excellent tools that meet your needs.

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