The very high torque (max 78.7 Nm) makes it a great tool for any carpentry work. Suitable for drilling up to a maximum of 13 mm in steel and 40 mm in wood.
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Electric screwdriver drill

Discover the power of efficiency with our electric screwdriver drill at Oreb.com. Designed to take on any challenge, our screwdriver drill is the answer to your fastening and drilling needs.
The electric screwdriver drill is a versatile tool designed to perform a variety of tasks, from drilling to fixing screws. Its power and precision make it an essential tool for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Benefits of an Electric Drill Driver:

  • Versatility Without Boundaries: Cope with a wide range of applications with our screwdriver drill, suitable for different materials.
  • Energy Efficiency: Thanks to electric technology, we guarantee consistent performance and long life.
  • Precise Control: Advanced ergonomics offer optimal control, allowing you to work with precision and safety.
  • Quick Change of Accessories: Our range of interchangeable accessories makes it easy to switch between different stages of your project.

Why Choose an Electric Drill Driver from Oreb?

At Oreb.com, we aim to exceed your expectations by offering superior quality electric drill wrenches. With us, you are assured of getting a tool that will not only meet, but exceed your drilling and fastening needs. Reliability and performance come together when you choose an electric drill/screwdriver from Oreb.com.

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