Cut-off machine d. 305 Valex Tlb305b 1390219 <br />For cutting wood and wood derivatives, plastics and foam materials - Ability to make straight, slanted, oblique and oblique/tilt cuts - Tilting head 0-45° - Upper table for saw bench function made of aluminum, size 380x465mm, cutting height adjustable 0-55mm - Lower table can be rotated with cutting angle adjustment ±45° in steps set every 15° and +/-22.5°.
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Radial cut-off machine

Explore precision cutting with the radial mitre saws available at Oreb.com. Designed to offer versatility and flawless results, radial mitre saws are the ideal investment for every do-it-yourselfer and professional. Discover the quality and efficiency of radial miter saws at Oreb.com.
The radial miter saw is a powerful and flexible tool designed to make precise, angled cuts in wood, plastic, and other materials. Its rotary blade allows precise cuts in different directions, providing a complete solution for multiple cutting needs.

Advantages of a Radial Cutter:

  • Cutting Versatility: Easily make cuts at different angles thanks to the adjustable design of radial miters.
  • Extreme Precision: Make precise, finished cuts for high-quality carpentry projects.
  • Operational Efficiency: Save time with the ability of radial mitre saws to handle complex cuts with ease.

Why Choose a Radial Cut-off Machine from Oreb?

Oreb.com offers you a careful selection of radial mitre saws, chosen for their reliability and superior performance. Choose the precision and versatility of the radial mitre saws available at Oreb.com to take your projects to the next level.
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