<p>Milwaukee M18 Brushless Drill Driver M18 CBLPD-202C 60Nm 1.5Kg in Case Kit +2 Batteries and Fast Charger</p>
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Percussion drill 18V 50Nm 2 2Ah batteries + charger
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<p>Drill M18 Milwaukee M18 FPD3-502X 158 Nm in Packout case kit + 2 Batt. 5Ah + Fast charger</p>
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M12 FPD2-0x Trapani 12V compact screwdriver with percussion Fuel code 4933479
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Screwdriver with super compact 18V battery percussion, fast and lightweight with brushless motor that guarantees the highest performance of its class as reliability, torque and working life.
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For professionals: to be used to unscrew and screw various types of screws up to 8 x 100 mm in wood and standard M6 metric screws. Suitable for drilling up to 50 mm in wood, 13 mm in soft steel and aluminum, 16 mm in cement and 13 mm in brick and brick in general. <br/>
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Cordless screwdriver drill

The cordless drill/screwdriver is an essential tool in the kit of every DIY hobbyist and professional. Oreb offers a selection of high-quality cordless drill/drivers that meet a wide range of needs, from the best brands around such as Hikoki and Hyundai. These versatile tools are useful in many situations and are a valuable aid to anyone who needs to perform drilling or screwdriving tasks with ease and convenience.

Advantages cordless screwdriver drill

One of the main advantages of the cordless drill/driver is its portability and the freedom of movement it offers. Because it runs on a rechargeable battery, you do not need to be near a power outlet, making it ideal for work in remote areas or without access to electricity. This mobility is especially valuable for craftsmen working on outdoor projects or in unconventional work spaces.

In addition, cordless drill/drivers come with a range of features and accessories that make them extremely versatile. They can be used to drill holes in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal and plastic, or to screw and unscrew screws and bolts. The ability to adjust speed and torque allows the screwdriver drill to be adapted to the specific needs of the job, making it suitable for light and heavy tasks.

Why choose Oreb's professional cordless screwdriver drills?

Oreb caters to a variety of professionals, including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and masons with its selection of professional cordless drill wrenches online. Carpenters use them for assembling furniture, building wood structures, and doing carpentry projects, while electricians use them to assemble electrical equipment. Plumbers can take advantage of a screwdriver drill to fix pipes and fittings, while mechanics use it to disassemble vehicle parts. Construction workers use it for drilling holes in walls and installing anchors and fasteners.

On Oreb's website, you can find a wide selection of cordless drill/drivers in different price ranges and with different specifications to meet the needs of professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. In addition, Oreb also offers accessories and spare parts to ensure that drill drivers remain in excellent condition over time.

In addition, the cordless drill/driver is also a versatile tool for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The selection of high-quality drill wrenches available on Oreb's website ensures that anyone in need of a reliable and affordable tool can find the right solution for their needs.

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