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Wood scraping blades and nails AXTM carbide teeth
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packout™ slim organizer packout slim organizer model 4932471065
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The TORCHTM NITRUS CARBIDETM saw blade is the new generation of carbide technology <br/>The special NITRUS carbide mix is specially designed to cut 3 times as much as standard blades to the existing carbide. <br/>The TORCHTM NITRUS CARBIDETM blade is designed to last long and to cut the cast iron, pipes and other thick metals in speed. <br/>Thickness of 1.27 mm for precise cuts and rights. <br/>Blade height of 25 mm for greater stability and reduced vibration. <br/>The best performance in all thicker metals.
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Kit 5pz straight saw blades for wood mm 230 <br/> <br/>
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Shockwave screwdriver bit set of 75 pieces milwaukee 4932492008 plastic case
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230mm saw blade for metal THE TORCHTM Milwaukee 48005788
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TORCHTM NITRUS CARBIDETM Milwaukee 48005202 blade with carbide teeth 230mm
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Power Tool Accessories

Explore the wide range of power tool accessories at and discover how to improve your work skills. Power tool accessories are essential components that increase the versatility and performance of power tools, making your work more efficient and precise.
Power tool accessories are add-ons designed to enhance the functionality and capabilities of power tools. From drill bits to circular saw blades, these accessories expand the usability of power tools, allowing you to tackle a wide range of tasks.

Main Power Tool Accessories:

  • Blades for circular saws and jigsaws
  • Drill bits of different sizes and materials
  • Accessories for orbital and belt sanders
  • Screwdriver heads and precision drill bits
  • Clamps and guides for precise cutting and clamping
  • Wheels and brushes for hand sanders
  • Masks and guards for safety during use

Benefits of Power Tool Accessories:

  • Versatility: Accessories expand the capabilities of power tools by enabling them to adapt to a variety of tasks and materials.
  • Accuracy: Accessories such as high-quality bits and blades ensure accurate cutting and drilling, reducing errors and optimizing results.
  • Efficiency: Because accessories are compatible with a range of tools, work becomes faster and more efficient, enabling projects to be completed more promptly.

>Why Choose Accessories and Power Tools from Oreb? At you will find a wide selection of accessories and power tools from top brands, ensuring reliable performance and superior results. Choose convenience, quality and the wide range of products available at to meet your work needs.

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