MOTOR HOE POLAR 2T 52CC 30CM <br /><br />
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<p>Hyundai 4-stroke OHV 196cc rotary tiller - power 6.5hp - working width 540mm - working depth 100/260mm</p>
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<p>Hyundai 4-stroke OHV 140cc rotary tiller - power 4.5hp - working width 450/650mm - working depth 150mm</p>
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<p>Hyundai 4-stroke OHV 98cc rotary tiller - power 3.5hp - working width 450mm - working depth 150mm</p>
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<p>Hyundai 52cc 2-stroke tiller - power 2.0hp - working width 300mm - working depth 150mm</p>
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Motor hoe

Explore our wide range of power tillers at, your destination for farm equipment that turns tillage into an efficient and powerful experience. The power tiller category offers advanced solutions for soil preparation in agriculture and gardening.
The power tiller is an essential agricultural tool designed for tillage. Powered by a powerful engine, this machine can plow, chop and turn soil with ease. Its usefulness extends from preparing soil for planting to creating gardens and vegetable gardens, offering a versatile solution for improving soil structure.

Advantages of the Power Tiller:

The advantages of the rotary tiller are many. Its ability to work the soil deeply allows for better aeration and drainage, promoting healthy plant growth. The tiller greatly reduces the physical effort required for manual tilling, saving time and energy. In addition, its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of applications, from home garden preparation to large-scale agricultural use.

Why Choose a Power Tiller from OREB?

Choosing a power tiller from means investing in powerful and reliable tillage equipment. Our selection includes models from the most reputable brands in the industry, ensuring durability and superior performance. offers an intuitive online shopping experience, fast shipping and dedicated customer service, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Choose the power of the earth with the quality power tillers available at and get ready for outstanding results in tilling your soil.
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