<p>With a 35-litre PE-HD bin and a motor<br/>high efficiency w/cup, the PC 35 Tools is a particularly handy and reliable ally.<br/>Equipped with an electrical outlet, it automatically works in symbiosis with the electronic tool ready to convey the dust</p>
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Liquid vacuum cleaner

Explore our wide range of liquid vacuums at OREB.com, your one-stop shop for cleaning equipment that makes liquid handling a quick and effortless procedure. The liquid vacuum category offers versatile solutions to meet cleaning challenges in a variety of environments.
A liquid vacuum is an indispensable tool for efficient liquid cleaning and handling. Designed to deal with emergency situations, post-flood cleaning or regular maintenance, the liquid vacuum is a reliable ally in any environment. Electrically powered, this device vacuums and collects liquids quickly and efficiently, ensuring complete and effortless cleaning.

Benefits of Liquid Vacuum Cleaners

Liquid vacuum cleaners offer a number of significant advantages. Their ability to handle liquids allows for more thorough cleaning than conventional vacuum cleaners. Equipped with powerful electric motors, liquid vacuums provide effective suction even for thicker liquids. Their versatility makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, from household cleaning to tough challenges in industrial environments

Why Choose a Liquid Vacuum Cleaner from OREB

Choosing a liquid vacuum cleaner from OREB.com means investing in high-quality, versatile cleaning solutions. Our selection includes models from the best brands in the industry, ensuring reliable, long-lasting performance. OREB.com offers an intuitive online shopping experience, fast shipping and dedicated customer service, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Choose advanced cleaning with the liquid vacuums available at OREB.com and get ready to handle liquids efficiently and effortlessly in any situation.
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