Mini angle grinder + Batt. 5Ah-2.5Ah + battery charger + Milwaukee bag cutters <br/>
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Grinder w 800 mm 115 kg 2.0
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Cutting synthetic concrete, stone, brick and similar. Excellent for finishing, deburring and cutting work.
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MILWAUKEE M18 BLSAG125X-402X <br/>FEATURES <br/>11000 rpm, optimized for cutting <br/>Ensures the same performance as a 800W grinder <br/>The most compact and lightweight grinder in the Milwaukee range <br/>Safety clutch prevents counterfeit avoiding operator accidents <br/>You do not need to use tools to change the disk (FIXTECTM system) <br/>Carter and removable disc without manual tools <br/>The dustscreen protects the engine by prolonging the life of the grinder <br/>The thin handle facilitates the grip <br/>System preventing accidental ignition
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Grinder 2200w model ag 22-230 dms
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Synthetic concrete cutting, stones, bricks and the like. Excellent for finishing, deburring and cutting
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Cutting synthetic concrete, stone, brick and similar. Excellent for finishing, deburring and cutting work.
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Excellent in finishing and deburring work in the craft sector.
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Side cutting, metal, deburring, various finishes. <br/>
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Effective in small crafts, ideal for finishing and deburring.
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Discover the wide range of grinders available at, your trusted destination for professional power tools. In the grinder category, we present you with powerful tools designed to meet the demands of precision and finishing jobs.
The grinder is a versatile tool that uses abrasive rotating discs to cut, polish and smooth materials such as metal, tile or concrete. With the ability to quickly remove excess material or finish surfaces, the grinder is essential for a wide range of applications, from cutting metal to preparing surfaces before welding. It is an essential tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Benefits of a Grinder

Grinders offer a number of crucial advantages. Their power and precision allow for quick and accurate results, whether you are working on construction, maintenance or fabrication projects. The versatility of grinders allows you to tackle a variety of materials and processes, offering flexibility in different work settings. In addition, the variety of available accessories and abrasive discs make them suitable for a variety of applications.

Why Choose Grinders from

Choosing grinders from means opting for tools of high quality, reliability and superior performance. Our selection includes grinders from the industry's most renowned brands, ensuring durability and strength. offers a hassle-free online shopping experience, fast shipping and a dedicated customer support team, ensuring your satisfaction. Choose power and reliability with grinders from for outstanding results in your material processing projects.

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